Papers and Presentations




High-Order Variable Eddington Factor Methods for Thermal Radiative Transfer, Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Annual Review 2021, July 2021.

Variable Eddington Factor Acceleration of Thermal Radiative Transfer on Curved Meshes, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Summer Student Poster Symposium, August 2018.

“Simulating Nucleosynthesis in Tidally Disrupted Stars”, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Summer Student Poster Symposium, July 2017.

“Passively Cooling the Steam Generator of the PRISM Reactor”, American Nuclear Socity Student Conference, April 2017.

“Electrorefining Uranium”, Honors and Undergraduate Research (Texas A&M University) Poster Symposium, April 2016.

School Work

“Finite Elements + RISCV Vector Extension”, UC Berkeley CS252 Final Project Presentation, May 2019.

“Linear Stability Analysis of Point Reactor Kinetics Equations with Feedback”, UC Berkeley ME262 Final Project Presentation, December 2018.

“High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Sn Solver”, UC Berkeley NE255 Final Project Presentation, November 2018.

“Spectral Navier Stokes with UPC++ and OpenMP”, UC Berkeley CS267 Poster Session, May 2018.

C. Bowman, E. Gonzalez, J. Norris, S. Olivier, “Designing a Passive Cooling System for the PRISM Steam Generator“, Texas A&M University Senior Design Report, 2017.

S. Olivier, “Mixed Hybrid Finite Element Method Acceleration of Discrete Ordinates Source Iteration“, ANS Student Conference, April 2017.

S. Olivier, “Electrorefining Uranium“, Texas A&M University Undergraduate Research Scholars Thesis, 2016.